Awards Season has commenced: Golden Globes Reaction (Delayed)

Posted on January 29, 2012


In mid-January, the Golden Globes serve as a starting point for the illustrious Hollywood awards season. Taking place in the dead of winter, top film execs send  films into the cinescape while attending numerous parties, luncheons etc. to flaunt their A-list talent and films in hopes of winning the illustrious categories they’re nominated for.  Despite the numerous events, the globes are considered to be the annual kick-off.

Despite the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the organization that runs the globes, obessions with A-listers and nominating movies in random categories or nominating movies that should not be nominated at all, many entertainment journalists and other members of the Hollywood elite consider the globes to be a somewhat accurate predictor for the Oscars.

The globes are known for another thing too: Ricky Gervais. The sarcastic creator of the original The Office has hosted this star-studded event for the past three years but only made serious waves last year. His venomous quips against the upper echelons of celebrity in the audience proved to be a bit much for some to handle. HFPA told numerous outlets they would not be asking the controversial host back this year.

Yet they did. Gervais returned to host a very lack-luster show. NBC was hyping the show up by showing Gervais at his best but yet he was very tame come showtime. Of course he did get rehired on specific conditions, but it still would have livened up the show if he returned to his usual brand of comedy. He was able to get out a few good jabs, but overall he was relatively boring. Despite the disappointment, an interesting theory is that Gervais intended to be dull. HFPA made such a huge fuss about him, so it would make sense not to entirely deliver for them. Regardless, it will be better to have some new blood host the globes next year, as the gervais effect has been worn out.

Now for the movies-the Globes have nominated outrageous movies in an attempt to draw in the most celebrities out there. In 2009, The Hangover was nominated for Best Picture-Musical or Comedy and won. In 2010, the organization nominated The Tourist for the same category, yet the movie was classified as a thriller. This year, My Week with Marilyn was put in the comedy category when it was not intended as a comedy at all.

The globes had very few surprises. Clooney dominating the categories for which he was up for was no surprise, as well as the silentt black and white film The Artist, which became this year’s crticial darling. Meryl Streep winning Best Actress was the only obvious flaw in this voting system. Streep won for The Iron Lady while she was up against the predicted favorite Viola Davis. Davis starred in the critically acclaimed summer hit The Help and is definetly considered a front runner but Meryl winning just did not make sense this time.

So what does this all mean for the Oscars? Absolutely nothing. The Globes love attention and top celebrities. They have no stake in making movies which is why the Oscars truly matter. Each branch of the academy is a member of a production team so they have a better eye for quality. The HFPA is comprised of a bunch of freelance journalists, and as you can see they do not have much credit when making votes.

The globes did indicate certain trends. The supporting categories are locked. Octavia Spencer, another excellent cast member from The Help will win an Oscar. along with Christopher Plummer for the opposing category. Clooney is a force to be reckoned with, whether we like it or not. The most prevalent trend the globes had shown? Don’t screw over quality hosts. Along with this performance and the nominations being out, the Oscars will be interesting.

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