Predictions: Golden Globes-Best Director and Screenplay

Posted on December 28, 2011


Predictions: Best Director

               Another short one. I feel like Clooney will gain the globe for this. Again, The Ides of March is a lackluster film but it does have its merits. The HFPA seemed to love Clooney so this could be a lock. The direction in the movie is good, just not great. Unfortunately, the silver fox of the silver screen might get this solely on his A-list status. Clooney and his writing partner Grant Heslov should get some recognition for adapting the play Farragut North into the script. The more preferable contenders should be Michael Hazanavicius’s The Artist or Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. Both are crowd-pleasers. Michael deserves all of the acclaim since he created a beloved silent film during cinema’s age of explosions and fight scenes. Woody creates a captivating world in a film that serves as a buzz worthy indie and a commercial success. It also should be noted this is one of Woody’s most successful films in the past few years. Despite this, status quo might play a more prominent role in voting than actually quality.

Predictions: Best Screenplay

               Another category where status might play a prevalent role but quality may help.  My predictions for this one will be The Descendants. It is an excellent adaption and has the traditional commercial appeal the HFPA voters love. Clooney gives a great performance and so does the supporting cast. The writing packs a lot of emotional depth. It is written by two comedy writers/actors who do a great job fitting the emotional material from Kaui Hart Hemmings novel into a script. Alexander Payne made a good choice picking these guys. It is a Clooney movie but I feel this is one of the categories one of his films should win. Moneyball is the next best contender since the writing team is a globes favorite. I’m still strongly in favor of The Descendants though.

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