Predictions: Golden Globes-Best Actor-Drama

Posted on December 21, 2011



Round 2 of my Golden Globe Predictions. Tomorrow will be my forecasts for the actress nominations.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

Many A-list actors delivered fine performances this year. Each A-list member truly does deserve a nomination.  Although Fassbender is a relative newcomer, his searing portrayal of a sex addict was mind-blowing. The role of Brandon in Shame could have been hard for any actor to embody but Fassbender hits all the right notes. The film was tough to watch but the irish-german powerhouse makes it hard to turn away.

Many critics were torn about J. Edgar. Criticisms ranged from “hammy” acting to terrible makeup jobs. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed this film for one reason: Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m not usually a fan of historical films or biographies. Despite this, the sheer dedication DiCaprio had in portraying one of the most influential men in our society made this film work. Yes, the make-up was terrible and yes it was hard to tell if Hoover was considered a hero or villain but DiCaprio makes it work. He really dedicated himself and became the character. He is long overdue for recognition and this sole reason should elevate his status in this race.

I liked The Ides of March but did not love it. Gosling was one of the few redeeming elements of the film. His altruistic press manager held some form of realism. This prevented the plot from becoming too zany. Gosling is fine in getting a nomination but he should have been recognized for Drive as well.

The two big “old-schoolers” in this category gave exceptional performances in 2011 as well. Clooney displaying a wide range in Alexander Payne’s The Descendants and Pitt’s relatable underdog in Moneyball deserve the accolades they are receiving. Both films are the best of the year but Clooney is probably more cut out for the Oscars than this gala.

Therefore, my predictions for this group are another tie. Pitt and DiCaprio are probably have the best chance of winning. Moneyball has a lot of prominent factors that could boost its odds. The movie was written by the Aaron Sorkin, the award winning scribe of previous HFPA favorite The Social Network, and the legendary wordsmith of Schindler’s List Steve Zaillian. Pitt is the type of celebrity the organization loves having and he gives a realistic performance in one of the best sports movie made so far.

For DiCaprio, there is a far simpler reason as to why he could win this. He deserves something. For many years Leo has given audiences a wide variety of characters that has shown his dedication to acting. The commitment and dedication DiCaprio took could help his odds but Pitt seems to be the better bet. Except knowing HFPA, Gosling could beat them both.