Hot Tubs Make Time Travel Hilarious

Posted on December 4, 2011


4/1/10-What would you do if you could go back in time?

Would you use what you know about the future to exploit the past? Maybe you would choose just to enjoy reliving a moment from your childhood. The possibilities are endless, which is why Hot Tub Time Machine creates a hilarious journey exploring those options.

The movie is about four good friends who are incredibly unhappy in their adult lives. Adam (John Cusack) just got dumped by his girlfriend while Nick (Craig Robinson from The Office and Pineapple Express) works at a dead-end job along with having a domineering wife.

Lou (Rob Corddry from The Daily Show and Harold and Kumar 2) is a party guy who is usually never invited to the party, and Adam’s video-game obsessed nephew, Jacob, (Clark Duke from Greek and Sex Drive) never leaves the basement. After Lou nearly kills himself, the friends gather together to go party at a ski resort where they had great times during childhood. They party hard in the tub and wake up in 1986. After realizing the situation they are in, the guys set out to make their lives better.

When I first saw the trailer, I thought the movie looked terrible. I felt that they gave away all their great jokes, therefore ruining the movie.

It wouldn’t be the first movie to do this (see Bruce Almighty), but I got passes to see the movie a month ahead, and I was really surprised.

Hot Tub Time Machine is hilarious from start to finish.

The jokes in the trailer are still in the film, but there are tons of other ones that do everything from making fun of 1980s culture and style to even the movies from Cusack’s early career.

Corddry and Robinson have the best comedic material, while Cusack has some good lines here and there but mainly plays a more serious role.

The only minor issues I had with the movie were with Duke and Chevy Chase.

Duke does not play a large role in the movie and his comedic material is a one-line joke that gets repeated constantly. His inclusion in the main cast seemed really random. His acting career is nowhere near as well established as the others.

Also, Chase has recently made a miraculous resurgence into acting. He was never a fantastic actor, but he could have been put to better use here.

His character was extremely similar to who he plays on Community. Despite these issues, this movie was surprisingly enjoyable.

Hot Tub Time Machine was hilarious from start to finish and I would recommend going to see it as long as you ignore the terrible trailers.

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